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Welcome to Focus on Learning, the online resource center for people who love learning. This place is not just about “student learning,” though. It is also about “teacher learning” because good educators constantly seek new knowledge so they can be more effective in their profession.   Because we are in a digital era, most of that new knowledge involves technology. It is utilized here solely for the end-goal of improving students’ daily learning experiences and maximizing their ability to acquire new knowledge. Socrative Room: f2e46769


From the Classes...

examples of digital literacy as practiced in ewm class
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What Students Most Enjoy Learning in EWM Class:

  • How to set up and maintain a blog. 17% 17%
  • How to create videos to post on the internet. 34% 34%
  • How to embed images and videos on a blog. 17% 17%
  • How to collaborate on projects with other people. 60% 60%
  • How to express feelings/thoughts with images, videos, and words. 91% 91%

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