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mqdefault (24)Because today’s technology has “democratized” film-making by making it possible for anyone with a computer to create movies, there is a wealth of excellent material that does not include cute kitties, drunk roommates, egocentric selfies, or crazy dangerous stunts. Some of those incredible short films are presented here.

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mqdefault (3)Parody and Satire is the work of some very popular internet artists who specialize in topical humor about various issues in modern society. Although some of their material is somewhat provocative, it is also representative of current points of view that are widely held among significant numbers of people from all over the world. While Focus on Learning neither endorses nor denounces this content, it is included on this blog because it plays a significant role in the expression and evolution of modern values that are being increasingly shared via Web 2.0 (social network) technologies such as YouTube. Welcome to the age of digital literacy and click here to begin laughing!

mqdefault (14)A blog without a gallery dedicated to art or “The Arts” is not much of a blog. As demonstrated in these galleries, YouTube is now a space where a significant number of serious artists present their work.

The image on the left is from Daito Manabe’s elevenplay “dot.” – iPad scene

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letterman_obamaAnother major influence in western culture and politics is the late night talk show. Hosts like David Letterman (interviewing Barack Obama on the left), Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and Jimmy Kimmel, compete vigorously for the best guests and the most fans. This TV genre came into its prime while Johnny Carson served as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show from 1962 to 1992. That show’s most recent host (Jay Leno) recently retired to make room for the younger talent and new format that TV networks are now seeking to compete with all the online competition that has emerged in recent years.

bruno-mars_r1Much of today’s parody and satire originates with popular music; therefore, it is only proper to include the work of those talented folks who produce that original music.

Because of space limitations, not everyone could be listed here. To determine which artists should be included, tubefilter.com provides a good starting point with their weekly chart “Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide.” From there, with the most relevant channels are selected and featured here. As with the parody & satire page, this blog neither endorses nor denounces the content. It’s only shown here as a part of western culture.

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