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mqdefault (45)Improve your English pronunciation with these excellent tutorials. Many of them focus on “American Pronunciation,” provide plenty of time to practice your own pronunciation, and show how lips, teeth, jaw, and tongue placement all need to work together for the best possible pronunciation.

If you want to improve your English pronunciation, check out some of these tutorials.

mqdefault (78)One of life’s most feared tasks is to give a presentation in front of a large audience. It is important to note, however, that this dreaded task is now also one of life’s most important qualifications for academic and professional success. There are 1000s of tutorials on this topic–and most of them suck.

The videos shown here are by experts who really do know what they’re talking about, so please check them out.

mqdefault (52)Many of these filmmaking tutorials have been specially selected to help folks who cannot afford expensive video cameras, audio equipment, and editing software. Most of the videos involve the use of device the most people already own, such as smartphones, mp3 players, and free editing software.

There are also some tutorials for students who are interested in more advanced techniques and strategies.

collaboratingThe collaborating tutorials provide helpful information on how to work together with other students using tools like Google Drive, Google+ Hangouts, blogging sites, wiki sites, and other Web 2.0 technologies.

To get started with using these excellent tools, click here.

thumbupWouldn’t it be great to be happy about writing? If you follow the advice given in some of these tutorials, maybe it will happen for you! There are different levels of tutorials for different writing abilities. So, if you discover that a tutorial is too difficult (or easy), don’t hesitate to try another one.  There is usually information about each video’s “level” in the title.

If you want to improve your writing, begin browsing for good writing tutorials here.

mqdefault (88)This YouTube channel has something for everyone! The video tutorials on JenniferESL feature Jennifer’s clear, and carefully paced voice that almost anyone can understand. The channel is also extremely well organized, with clearly labelled playlists that help students find exactly what they need.

JenniferESL is strongly recommended for students of all English levels.

mqdefault (48)The amazingly energetic and entertaining educator who creates these videos is Vicki Hollett. She  has written many English coursebooks for Oxford University Press and Pearson Education, including some best sellers and prizewinners.  Now Vicki is living in America and making video English lessons.

Simple English Videos are some of the best ESL video tutorials you’ll ever see, so do check them out.

mqdefault (50)Jason R. Levine (Jase, for short) teaches students, trains teachers, and creates songs and videos as Fluency MC. His high-energy approach to teaching English
as a Second Language is inspiring and effective.

If you like rap music, be sure to check out the entertaining and helpful creations of Fluency MC.

mqdefault (80)Many of these videos are longer discussion pieces, with topics ranging from “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube” to “Laws that Choke Creativity” to “Cinematography Learn from a Master” to “Planning, Shooting and Sharing Great Video”

If you’re interested in more than just superficial knowledge of a particular subject, check out some of these selected topics.

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