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Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools

These are sites that offer ways of working together (collaborating) with other people. The real power of these sites comes from the social networking and sharing of user developed content.

CoSketch is a multi-user online whiteboard designed to give you the ability to quickly visualize and share your ideas as images.
dvolver moviemaker
Dvolver a fun tool that enables you to create your own animated cartoons by selecting from a range of characters, backgrounds, and scenarios and adding your own dialogue text bubble.
English as a Second Language Teachers Creating ESL Video Quizzes for ESL Students.
Listen and Write
Listen-and-write.com is free listening practice. Improve your listening skills and hear about the news.
We give you a blank wall. You put anything you want on it, anywhere. Simple, yet powerful.
Provides multimedia communication that may rival Google and Skype. Costs $79 for K-12 teachers and $99 per year for higher ed folks.
Creates speaking avatars that can be shared easily in a many different formats.
A voice-based e-Lewarning tool. Used by educators all over the world, Voxopop talkgroups are a fun, engaging and easy-to-use way to help students develop their speaking skills. They're a bit like message boards, but use voice rather than text and a have a specialised user interface. No longer confined to a physical classroom, teachers and students of oral skills can interact from home, or even from opposite sides of the planet! Anywhere. Anytime.

Games and Quizzes

Games and Quizzes

Lingual Net
Learn English with Video and Games
Quizlet is not the only one... check wp games and you'll find lots more

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