AEPD Class

Academic English Presentation and Discussion

Welcome to AEPD13047py1_2nd

The full name for this class is “Academic English Presentation and Discussion”

This semester, we will be working on English presentation skills and English writing skills.  The textbook for this class
is shown on the right. Please get a textbook at the HYU bookstore as soon as possible!

The major assignments for this class are individual ones, but students will be encouraged to work together in groups as much as possible. This will result in many good discussions about the work you are doing and we should all learn a lot and have a good time!

This web space will provide you with all the important information that you need for this course.  To begin, please check out the course syllabus on the “Syllabus Etc.” page.

Your Course Name-Code

The course name-code for this class is AEPD13047. Please remember to use this name-code on all your emails and text messages to Gary.  Thanks!