Homework Assignment #1

Due on September 10, 2015


A. Get a Textbook: Present Yourself 1: Experiences by Steven Gershon

B. Read pp 4 – 7 (Getting Ready) in your textbook

C. Prepare a 1 to 2 minute self-introduction speech.  You can also find some examples of self-introduction speeches below. Your self-introduction speech (P0) will be given in Week 2 and it is a “Pass/Fail” assignment.  If you do it–and have a classmate record it on your smartphone–you pass.  If you don’t do your self-introduction next class (or get a recording of it), you will not getting a passing grade for this assignment.

Please Note: any students who speak for less than the minimum time will automatically not get a “Pass” on this Pass/Fail assignment. The minimum time for this presentation (P0) is 60 seconds.

Helpful Self-introduction Examples and Videos

  • To see a simple self-introduction from your textbook, click here.
  • In the following playlist, the first video is an example of a very creative student self-introduction. The other videos are intended more for business people, but they still provide some helpful tips that can be easily adapted for classroom self-introductions.  (In the second video, for example, instead of giving the name of your “company,” you could tell the audience what your “major” is instead.)

 This is the end of Homework Assignment #1 for Week 1.