Blended BAE: Basic Academic English

Improve your presenting and writing skills

Welcome to Blended BAE! 

py1_2ndFor our Basic Academic English, we will be working on English presentation skills and English writing skills.  Most of the content is about presentations, but there are a few short writing assignments, so please be prepared to improve with both speaking and writing. The textbook for this class is shown on the right. Please get a textbook at the HYU bookstore (or photocopies from friends) as soon as possible! We will be covering the Introduction Unit plus Units 1, 2, and 5.

This BAE (Basic Academic English) course is a “blended” course. This means that you are required to do work in both the classroom in the face-to-face (F2F) class and online, through HY-In. Because the F2F classes are NOT lecture classes and require a lot of collaborative group work, attendance for this class is extremely important. This means that students who miss class because of “rehearsals” or “performances” or “team practices” or “tournaments” will not be excused – even if they provide letters from their department. This is because current research clearly indicates that language learning should not done in isolation and that it requires conversation and collaboration among students in a social setting.

In other words, my F2F classes must follow the “best practices” that are indicated by research findings. With only fifteen F2F classes in a semester, it is crucial that all learning activities and graded presentations take place only on the days for which they are scheduled.

Therefore, any student who needs to attend rehearsals, performances, team practices, sports tournaments, (or anything else during BAE F2F class times) will not be able to have their absences excused or make arrangements for alternative presentation dates or assignment deadlines. Such students are strongly advised to take a different BAE class that is scheduled at a better time so they can attend their other rehearsals, etc. and not end up missing F2F classes. To sum up, BAE student will NOT be granted any “excused absences” for anything except documented medical emergencies, compulsory military service, and/or family tragedies.

Beginning with Day 1, you will need to do the following tasks as shown below:

Before Each F2F Class, You Should…

  • watch each assigned online lesson at HY-in
  • screen capture the completed Online Practice Tests (as shown in this video)
  • complete any homework assignments that you were given in the previous F2F class

During the F2F Class, We Will…

  • work collaboratively in groups and share new knowledge with one another
  • give individual and group presentations about people, places, and processes
  • ask/answer questions about Online Lesson content that students don’t understand
  • participated in a learning community by volunteering answers to questions and helping one another

Introduction to Blended BAE 

Recommended Viewing – to make sure you understand how the course works, watch the following:

Other Important Information

Although the major assignments for this class are mainly individual ones, students will be encouraged to work together in groups as much as possible. This will result in many good discussions about the work you are doing and we should all learn a lot and have a good time! You will also get to do a group presentation near the end of the semester. To begin the course, please go to the BAE HW Assignment #1 Page and complete all four steps before our face-to-face class for Week 3.

Course Name-Codes (Section Numbers)

  • The course name-code (section number) for classes that meet on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. is BAE 15287.
  • The course name-code (section number) for classes that meet on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m.. is BAE 15288.
  • The course name-code (section number) for classes that meet on Thursdays at 3:00 p.m. is BAE 15278.

Use your course name-code (section number) for any emails you send me and for your writing assignments.

The only email address you must use is (as shown at the top of this page and in your syllabus). Do not send me email through the Canvas or Hy-in LMS or any other way. It will not be read or answered.