BAE HW Assignments

homework assignment for Weeks 1 & 2


A. Get a Textbook: Present Yourself 1: Experiences by Steven Gershon (2nd edition)

B. Get set up on Canvas and do the Canvas Settings Adjustment assignment, as shown in this video:

C. Watch the video lesson for Weeks 1 and 2 at HY-In. You do not have to download and print the workbook every week. Instead, you need to make sure you capture the Practice Test results for each Online Lesson that is assigned. When you finish each Practice Test, you will need to do a screen capture and upload it to the Canvas Learning Management System that I use for this class.  The following video shows you how to do this:

D. Also, do any of the assignments that you are given in the online lesson.  

E. Prepare a 1 to 2 minute self-introduction speech.  Follow Sue’s example from the Online Lesson for Week 1. You can also find additional examples of self-introduction speeches below. Your self-introduction speech (P0) will be given in Week 2 and it is a “Pass/Fail” assignment.  If you do it–and have a classmate record it on your smartphone–you pass.  If you don’t do your self-introduction next class (or get a recording of it), you will not getting a passing grade for this assignment.

Please Note: any students who speak for less than the minimum time will automatically not get a “Pass” on this Pass/Fail assignment. The minimum time for this presentation (P0) is 60 seconds.

Self-introduction Videos

  • To see a simple self-introduction from your textbook, click here.
  • In the following playlist, the first video is an example of a very creative student self-introduction. The other videos are intended more for business people, but they still provide some helpful tips that can be easily adapted for classroom self-introductions.  (In the second video, for example, instead of giving the name of your “company,” you could tell the audience what your “major” is instead.)