EW1 Help Page

help for students in essay writing 1 class

1. What is the first thing I need to do for this course?

1. The first thing you need to do is set up an English Google/Gmail account with your real name in English characters. No silly names or number-only “names,” or fake names are permitted. Your email address must be IN ENGLISH and clearly legible (readable). This is because your instructor is not fluent in Korean and does not have time to always get help with translating. If you need help, please watch the video. If the video doesn’t play, try clicking here

2. What is the second thing I need to do for this course?

2. Get yourself set up on the CANVAS Learning Management System. Many of your assignments will need to be done through CANVAS and most of your grades will be posted there so you can see how you are doing. After sending an email to your instructor from your new Gmail account, you will receive an invitation to join CANVAS. The video explains all you need to know. If you have trouble playing it in this box, then please trying clicking here.

3. What's this MLA formatting stuff?

3. All writing assignments must be correctly formatted in the style prescribed by the Modern Language Association (MLA).  Any submitted writing assignment that does not follow this format will be graded F. To learn how to use MLA format, please watch the video tutorial. Make sure you have enough time (at least one hour) to stop and start it as needed so you can follow it step-by-step. If the video in this box doesn’t work, try clicking here.

Help for the “Write a Paragraph with Your Peers” assignment: