Professional Academic English

Improve your presentation and essay writing skills

Welcome to the WINTER 2016 Session of Professional Academic English!

Because a language is best learned by using it, this course is designed to give students a maximum amount of student talking time in a friendly, relaxed environment. In-class activities include small group discussions, student brainstorming sessions, video analysis, peer assessments, and two graded presentations about some aspects of students’ majors. There is also one major writing assignment, which you will learn more about in class.

It is important for you to know that, as an instructor, I believe that learning can and should be positive and enjoyable! Hopefully, you feel the same way. As much as possible, you will be given opportunity to think for yourself and build your own new knowledge. This is best done by working together as a “community of learners.” Therefore, the amount of class time devoted to lectures will be “as little as possible.” This will enable you to use your class time for collaborating, building relationships, and learning.


All students must purchase the new textbook, shown on the right. It is available at the HYU Bookstore.

How to Identify This Class

Please use the following “course name-codes” to refer to this class in all your emails and assignments:

  • 9-12 a.m. PAE  Class (Winter 2016) – PAE15108
  • 1 – 4 p.m. PAE Class (Winter 2016) – PAE15124