In-text Citations and Reference Pages

essential tools for academic writing

PowerPoint Referencing

To see an excellent online PowerPoint presentation that shows how to use APA citations in your PPTs, please click here.

Essay Referencing

In-text citations and reference pages

In-text citations and reference pages are best learned independently. Choose the method that works best for you!

To learn more about APA in-text citations, here is a list of websites that can help. The first 2 sites (in red) provide you with all the rules and guidelines for APA references.  The last 2 sites (in blue) provide automatic “Reference” pages in various formats, including APA .

If you would prefer to just do in-text citations manually–without any assistance from the blue links given above, you are free to use the information found on the red links and/or watch the video tutorials below.  They all teach the manual method for citing sources.

Another excellent resource that you can use for academic writing is Google Drive, where you can share your rough drafts and collaborate with other students.  This is really useful because most writers are not able to find all of their mistakes, so it really helps to team with other writers and help each other with proof reading, etc. To use Google Drive, you need to have a Google/Gmail account.

For even more advanced help with academic writing you can also visit my “Good Writing” tutorial page on The Blog and HYU’s Communication Clinic Writing Consultation (CCWC).

Video Tutorials

The Basics of APA Style (Recommended)


Gary’s Tutorial: What Common Knowledge Is

Zotero Reference Manager (Optional)

This tutorial shows the basics of using Zotero for your in-text citations and works cited pages. Please consider watching the video and using Zotero. If you do, it will really help you for much more than just this class–especially if Grad School is in your future! Note: For those of you who may have missed it in class: No, you are not required to use it. I just recommend it.