First PAE Homework Assignment for 2017! šŸ™‚

please complete this before next class

FIRST Homework for 2017

  1. Watch your videos and start working on Self-assessment #2 (as given in Canvas)
  2. Read Sample Presentation on pp 101 to 103. Answer the exercise questions that follow.
  3. Read The Power of Reason on pp 105 and 106.
  4. Decide on a Topic for your Final Presentation and Essay
  5. Read/do Pages 121 to 130 in Textbook (Do NOT fill out the outline on Page 130 for the Dongdaemun Night Market)
  6. Use the outline on Page 130 to plan a paragraph that gives details about the Problem of your ā€œProblem/Solutionā€ presentation and essay. (Donā€™t worry about telling the solution yet. Instead, try to find two GOOD sources to support your writing in that paragraph.)