Writing Consultation Clinic

The official full name is 'Communication Clinic Writing Consultation (CCWC)'

Do I Need Help?

Some students do. Others don’t. It depends on how much you were taught in high school and there is no shame in needing help. To help you decide if you need help, take a look at the image below. This is how an essay (with basic APA formatting and no references or citations) should look:


If this is totally unfamiliar to you, then you most likely need help. The good news is that it can be provided by the CCWC.  All the information on the CCWC is provided below.

English consultation is open to all Hanyang University students.

This is an excellent opportunity to receive valuable assistance on writing skills (essays, scripts, etc.), presentation skills, and resumés and applications for graduate school programs.

Online consultation are also offered (but not as detailed as face-to-face consultation).

  • Where: 2nd Engineering Building, Room 311
  • When: every Spring and Fall semester, from Week 4 until Week 15 (This is usually the case. To know the exact date for this semester, check with the CCWC office yourself)

 For more details, please read the poster or click on the steps below the poster.


Steps 1:
Step 2:

Click on English Consultation and choose a suitable date and time on the calendar, 2 days before your consultation date (if using face-to-face service).

Step 3:

Input the necessary information: name, student number, cell phone number, email address, and the type of consultation.

Step 4:

Upload the document you need assistance with.

Step 5:

Show up on time (if using face-to-face service).

Step 6:

Congratulate yourself for being smart enough to use this awesome service!   😀