Course FAQs & Help

to enable you get started on the right track
1. What is the first thing I need to do for my course?

Get Your Textbook

If your course requires you to purchase a textbook, go to the bookstore and get that right away. If you are not sure which is the right textbook for your class, check the main page for your course on this site.  (It’s always the top link with either BAEC, BAE, PAE, or EWM as the first few letters.) You can also get textbook information from your syllabus or even from the bookstore itself!

2. What else do I need to do?

Get Set Up on Canvas (most classes)

If you get an invitation from Canvas, you will need to get yourself set up on the CANVAS Learning Management System. Many of your assignments will need to be done through CANVAS and most of your grades will be posted there so you can see how you are doing. After sending an email to your instructor from your new Gmail account, you will receive an invitation to join CANVAS. The video below explains all you need to know about this:

3. What happens next?

After Getting Set Up on Canvas…

You will spend most of your online time in the Canvas Learning Management System. That is where assignment information, announcements, learning resources, and much of your grade information is provided, so you won’t be using this site for much more than accessing Canvas and The Blog. Make sure you take some time to check out The Blog. There are all kinds of excellent learning and entertainment resources there and, of course, places to make comments about and share content that you find interesting or useful.


Help for students in Academic English Presentation & Discussion (AEPD) class.

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PAE Help

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EWM Help

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