AEPD Major Assignment 1

Describe the company you work for

Presentation 1: 

Describe the company that you work for. 

To help you with your presentation structure, a sample outline is provided here.

You will give your presentation in the class for week 6.  Here is a suggested preparation schedule:

  1. Finish writing your script no later than Sunday morning/afternoon.
  2. On Sunday evening, use your script to make cue cards.
  3. From Monday to Wednesday, practice giving your presentation as much as possible. Every time you practice, you should try to do it in a private place while standing – not sitting.

BIG HINT: The most important part of preparing a presentation is the practice.  You should spend 50% of all your preparation time on practice alone.  Do not waste time on writing a perfect script with perfect grammar.  You are NOT being graded on your grammar.  You are being graded only on the criteria given in the rubric below.

ATTENTION!  When you give your presentation on Thursday, you can NOT read your script, but you can use your cue cards.  Remember to make cue cards as shown in Week 4’s class – and as described in this handout

Important Notes:

  • Your cue cards must be submitted after you give your presentation. It is your first writing assignment and worth 5%. Remember to use the tips on making cue cards, given here.
  • Your presentation should be 3 minutes long and will be recorded so that you can receive feedback from the teacher, your peers and most importantly from yourself.

Evaluation Your first presentation is out of 15 points and is worth 5% of your grade. You will be graded on all of the skills we have learned in the first 5 weeks. Practice your presentation with a partner or in front of a mirror or video camera to help you perfect it.  You will be graded on the following criteria (click on the image to see a larger pdf file).


As shown in the above rubrics, your presentation is worth 5% and your cue cards are also worth 5%.