AEPD Major Assignment 2

A memorable experience about your company

Presentation 2:

You should talk about a memorable experience in the company that you work for.  This will happen in week 10 on November 3.

You cannot read your script but you can make cue cards to help you. You must use PowerPoint and make at least 4 effective PPT slides.  The maximum number of slides you can use is 7, including the title slide.

Your presentation should be 3 to 4 minutes long and will be recorded so that you can receive feedback from the teacher, your peers and most importantly from yourself.


Your second presentation is out of 24 points and is worth 15% of your grade.

You will be graded on all of the skills we have learned in the first 9 weeks. Practice your presentation with a partner or in front of a mirror to help you perfect it.  You will be graded on the following:


Using PowerPoint (PPT)

If you need help with PowerPoint, there is an excellent video tutorial on how to use it located here.  Please note that it needs the same password as the PDF/PPTX Files & Vids page.

Writing Assignment 2: a self assessment paragraph in MLA format

Watch your videos of P0 and P1, then write a self-assessment paragraph with MLA format, topic sentence, support and concluding sentence (100 – 150 words). Use the methods that are shown in the self assessment example and in the video below. To make it easier, you can just fill in the blanks from where the sample paragraph begins: “This is my video self-evaluation and reflection…”  You can also use the checklist and rubric to make sure you don’t miss anything.  Print your rough draft of this paragraph and bring it to class for peer editing on October 20. 

Example of an MLA Formatted Document:




After Checking…

After you have checked everything over to make sure that you did your self-assessment correctly, please upload it with the uploader below. Due Date: Nov. 2 at 11:59:59 (midnight).


Self Assessment (WA2) Uploader

Please use this form to upload your Self Assessment  (WA2) paragraph: